Saturday, August 8, 2009

Blog Moved.

Started my own blog where I would blog about bags and more. Leaving this site for now. =)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yellow Bow Bag

Some random bag that I bought in June at Manchester! Got a 10% off as it was slightly faulty, but the damage is practically invisible. Bought this from Shout, was just loitering around without intention of getting anything actually.

What I love about this bag is the huge bow! There was pink, white, blue and black but yellow was the sweetest, such a cheery colour! it's pretty simple on the inside but the bag is kinda small for schooling and too big to use as a handbag. I had never gotten anything so bright! I haven't found much use for it now though (not big enough to hold all my library books and notes) but seeing it lying around pretty much brighten my day! Hehehe.
Am not too good with colours though, so don't know what kind of outfit I could match this with! =/
I didn't get to buy anything from Karen Millen as per previous post, I am not much a user of small bags so ...... but did get some new bags from! Would blog about them once I get them! So loooking forward!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Crazy bag shopping!

Some months ago, I went to Bicester Village Outlet and had some great time shopping for bags! I burnt a hole in my pocket, but it was definitely worth it. It's kind of contradicting how I tried to save $$$ by taking a 4 hours bus to London and changed a train instead of taking a train straight down (which is much more expensive and only take 2 hours) and end up spending more than I should! Got my first Burberry bag, a hobo from the outlet store too and I assume it should be cheaper than normal Burberry storee! Yipeee.

I bought a few from Accessorize at dirt cheap prices! I'd alway been a fan of Accessorize even when I was in Singapore but I find their prices kinda steep for the products so I had never owend anything from there.

Some of my achievement that day!

Strawberry book bag from Cath Kidston, love Cath Kidston to death! Their floral designs are uber pretty. This's for my mum by the way, whatever belongs to mum belongs to me too! Vice versa. Hek hek hek. An entry for Cath Kidston another time, OOT but I wish I have their floral wallpaper in my house! Drop dead gorgeous. View their stuffs here at!

A Cath Kidston bag that my labmate requested me to buy. Quite nicey and cost only GBP 27 instead of the usual GBP 60 I think, however, I was trying to curb the temptation by reminding myself I am here to look for Burbery.

In the end I got myself only 2 pouches from Cath Kidston, I have their bag but was bought during last year Christmas's sales. Anyone who knows me well enough knows I dig checks and floral. Talking about pouches, I have so much pouches and I think they are one of the most important accessories ever. An entry about pouches another day perhaps.

This is one hell of a cheap Burberry wallet. Cost me only 29.90 pounds. Many people had started avoiding some Burberry products "Made In China". I do have my doubts initially but who cares as long as its that signature plaid. That checks is awesome and classic, nothing beats that! I am a long time fan of Burberry design even though I do not like the fact that they are doing this (which I found out only recently)-->

PETA had some naked peeps doing protest outside burberry stores! Saw some pics of them painted in the Burberry plaid with the red dripping like blood! PRETTY COOL I'L SAY! (No personal comments on PETA as an organization.)

Read about this not too long ago, not sure if it had stopped but I don't understand why luxury brands always have to be made of leather elements on it! I cant't buy things without thinking thrice about what it's made off! Therefore I had promised myself no leather bags and only buy canvas bags! I know there's still leather lining but I can't change anything if they had to use that! I rather they not used anything from animals, be it fur or leather.

Just as bad in my opinion, so much animal cruelty involve. Why isn't there awareness in Singapore on such animal cruelty behaviour???? I mean not in the form of protest, like just sort of creating awareness for such stuffs ... brochures? campaign etc?

Sorry for digressing, anyway, yeap, nice checks from Burberry and hope they can stop killing animals for fur! I shall TRY MY BEST to avoid shopping at Burberry till then! =/

This bag is from Accessorize and it cost me only 1 pound! Haha! It has a broken part but I think it's so fix-able! I had intentions of zhng-ing (modifying) the bag so that it could be used, even if I don't get it fixed it's actually still pretty usable! I might post some pics on it after getting zhng-ing it. Maybe with ribbons .. and crystals?? We'll see. *gleeful*

My favourite buy from Accessorize. Not expensive IMO considering that I saw a similar design for 28 pounds. I got this for 7.50 pounds and it's one of my favourite bag. Going on cheap due to a stain that was easily removed with FENG YOU (medicated oil)! Very casual and looks great with a white bandeau dress!

On a side note, it's kind of bulky and the straps hurt the shoulders if you bring too much stuffs in it. The beauty of this bag comes with disadvantage hur. In any case, I still love this bag to the max! I haven't got to use it much though as I can't fit much into it if I'm going to the school. Shall dig it out and use it on my next trip to the city! Yea!

Another buy from Accessorize. I think this looks kinda Chanel-inspired because of the colour combo. I can't give this a miss since it's only 1 pound. Slightly stained inside though. Looks pretty classy and chic and cost like a millionth-fraction of the price of a Chanel!

Lastly, my first Burberry bag I'd gotten for 199 pounds. A hobo bag. It's a very heavy bag because of the buckles and heavy handles I reckon. Its actually one of my first branded which I splurge on (reminds self: have to spare a thought for my chinnie, bunnies and hammies AND think twice before buying Burberry again)!

That's all the lovely bags for now!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Karen Millen

The first Karen Millen bag that I was nuts about was this "Karen Millen First Lady Lace Print Baby Bag". I saw it on the website and love the fact that it looks pretty sweet yet some what gothic. From Karen Millen's website I thought it was a pretty big handbag (totally forgotten about checking out the details) and was still considering it since the price is kinda steep like GBP 99.00.

The previous time I went down to London, I checked it out to find out that it's only a really super duper small baby clutch! However the design doesn't look like one that would be made so small. I dismiss the idea of getting it since it probably couldn't fit much.

Currently, is having some sales on Karen Millen's uber chio bags on almost 1/2 price! Yes! This bag included and many other pretty ones. I am thinking of getting one but not too sure which!

All the above 4 designs are going for GBP 50 at! (Pics from

Above a Karen Millen Jewelled Obi Baby Bag for GBP 99.00. Love its vintage appeal.

Love all the bags! If only I don't have a budget ... =(

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ted Baker Shopping Bag

The first Ted Baker bag I fell in love with months ago was the Black Ikon Bag. I got to know more about the brand and their designs after googling it out.

Their frocks are really pretty and I love their tee too! Nice stuffs they've got there. But with a budget in hand, I can't really buy all of them, so I set myself a target to purchase this shopping bag!

However, it wasn't an "easy task". I sought around for cheaper prices and alternatives onlines and from outlet. I finally bought it from a website ... very worth it ... and I paid only GBP 28 + for 3 items! A Ted Baker Ikon Bag (Red), a game for my SO and a wedding planner!

Red is a fabulous colour and I've got regrets buying it! It stands out from the boring black and really add OOPH to an outfit! Haven't got time to take a picture of it though, so grabbed this photo from google image. Small picture I know! ><

This bag is now on discount on costing only GBP 17.00 (Originally GBP 24.50)! Get yourself a wonderful and lasting shopping bag!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Exams are over!

Wasn't able to find time to blog about the Bicester Village trip due to exams! Shall remind self to write about it soon. Got 2 new bags recently and am loving it!

Going to York Designer Outlet Mall next week! Hope can get some nicey bags!!! =D

Monday, May 25, 2009

Marks and Spencer + Bag Shopping Principles

Brought 2 bags from M&S about 2 weeks ago! 1 for SO's mum and a cute shopping bag for meself!

I ordered for Contrast Stitch Shoulder Bag and was sent something else ... zzz ... but nonetheless probably would be suitable for SO's mum.

Simple, big and roomy! Although not really chic or fashionable but I think would suit an elderly lady with it simple fuss-free design.

Breakthrough Breast Cancer Re-Usable Organic Cotton Bag.

Only got this shopping bag for myself in my favourite colour pink! What I love most is the back of this shopping bag.

SO Sweet right! Nice pinky heartsss!! Only GBP 2.00!


While waiting for more bags to come in, lets talk about other topic such as bag shopping principles.

Do most gals have some rules to follow when they go shopping, be it a bag or not?

Not sure if it's a norm but personally there are some rules and principles that I follow before getting the latest bag of my dream.

1) No FULL leather bags

As much as I love luxury branded bags such as LV, Burberry, Prada etc, I am also aware of the suffering of animals from getting their skin stripped to make into leather bags! That's why I always try my best to avoid leather goods. However, I am no 100% saint either and I would like to indulge in luxury shopping once in a while as well.

To make myself feel better, I avoid bags that are made of leather. Although I know that even canvas/nylon bags do have leather linings and handles sometimes but if can choose, I wished that they didn't use real leather too!

2) No overly-expensive and yet boring looking design.

This is a very personal opinion, so hope no offence to anyone. I have yet to understand why people do spend thousand of dollars on very simple design bags (in another words boring designs). One of those bags that I've yet to appreciate is Chanel 2.55.

In my opinion, Chanel 2.55 is a pretty okay looking bag but nothing to WOW about ... Maybe it's because I've yet to see the real thing? Or maybe I will learn to appreciate it in time ... but at least not at the moment.

Is it really worth the money? (Photo grabbed from google image result)

3) A design that's mostly suitable for 18 - 99 years old.

This apply to bags that I would have to pay more for. If you have to spend a lump sum of $$ on a expensive bag, it would only be ideal if it's something really classic and suitable for all occassions right?

Maybe it's just me! Because I am not loaded so I consider too many issues before splurging on a bag!

Will blog about my bag shopping trip in Bicester Village next week!